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Don’t confuse plectranthus, or ‘Mona Lavender,’ for the lavender you think of whenever you think about the attractive-smelling plant filling the fields of Provence. This gorgeous pure marvel shares its colour but is not the same plant.

Trailing Algerian Ivy is the right alternative in this case, with its large, broad leaves. The other best plant choice here is the Needle Palm, which could be the hardiest plant in the world—so Southern summers will not challenge this robust palm. Add in some colourful annuals, and your containers are full, fun, and match for something. Potted boxwoods don’t require utilizing the hedge clippers, although you possibly can prepare these vegetation into any shape you’d want. These plants offer a proper class with the simplicity of minor maintenance.

Boxwoods can generally be drought tolerant, and you won’t have to fertilize them too often. This sizeable American selection creates a residing wall in a line of concrete planters—a course of helped by concurrently planting the boxwoods in identical planters.

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Use a pot of ‘Mona Lavender’ plectranthus as your container garden to add an sudden pop of colour to any outside house. It will brighten the shorter days of fall and add wow to your yard. Grasses in containers can also add delicate texture and billowing kind when positioned instantly into a border. One of our favorites is the beautiful ‘Morning Light’ silver grass. It lights up in the backyard as the sun strikes its foliage. You by no means have to worry about silver grass working as a result of it clumps, but planting it in a container creates a bold focus for its animated stalks. It is nice to use colourful flowers, similar to pansies, to accent porches and entryways or to use as filler flowers.

The dwarf spruce can also be properly fitted to container gardening. ‘Purple Pixie’ Loropetalum shrub combines showy pink flowers in spring, deep burgundy evergreen foliage, and a pronounced weeping kind. It reaches one to two toes excessive Business News and four to five ft extensive as a ground cover. Placed in a container, a one-gallon plant in a 24-inch-tall pot will completely cover the vessel in just a couple of years.